Hel is the underworld in Norse mythology and will be our domain where you can play a variety of fun mini games against the house or another player. Come pander to your degenerate instincts and lose your soul in HEL!
The first two games to be released are: Hel Lottery and the wheel of fortune games respectively.
Hel Lottery
Playing the Hel Lottery players, a chance to win a HUGE variety of prizes!
Game mechanics:
  • Lottery ticket cost for 1 ticket: $5 in HEL tokens.
  • There is NO individual user entry limit. However, only 100 tickets can be bought at one time.
  • Tickets will give users a random 6-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9, for e.g. “1-9-3-2-0-4”.
  • To win: Match numbers, FROM THE LEFT SIDE OF YOUR TICKET, to the winning numbers drawn.
  • One number matching will win you a small prize, however, the more numbers that match the bigger your share in the prize pool!
  • If there are left over prizes in the pool it will rollover to the next draw.
Hel wheel of fortune
This game is simple. Each spin of the wheel has a chance to multiply your bet or take some of it away!
Game mechanics:
  • Place your bet in ETH or USDC.
  • Spin the wheel with the click of a button
  • Winnings will be paid out immediately in HEL tokens.
New games will be released frequently to keep your degenerate impulses catered for!
A gaming fee will be put on ALL games in HEL. 5% will go to the gaming pool whilst the other 5% will be tossed to the flames, helping to fight inflation and protect the value of HEL token.
No taxes on Buys or Sells!
Last modified 4mo ago